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Clickhub tries to make positive changes in private, public and social organizations by producing unique products to facilitate the work of employees and managers . The most important concern of Click while maintaining the executive quality of processes, creating value and innovation in organizations and to achieve this a team specializing in six areas of executive management, sales and marketing management, monetary and financial management, human resource management, technology management and technology production has it .

نرم افزار سفارشگیری گردو

Gerdo ordering software

It is a specialized software for the country’s industries, which, by launching it, enables the registration of online orders for VIP customers.

نرم افزار سفارشگیری گردو

Gerdo Plus ordering software

An economical package including gilas and gerdo applications

Gilas ordering software

Provide a light but professional structure and work to help your marketers and visitors. Click shows the route to your visitor.



The software for managing and arranging cheque is designed with the ability to store invoices and advanced and easy.


ERP Click is a comprehensive system in which you can manage all your projects.

behkar software

Behkar project management system, a light and professional mechanism for managing the work of the organization and projects

Armoot software

Armoot supply chain software and purchase

Looking to grow your business, build your financial, tax and IT infrastructure?